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What are you looking for?

Products are grouped into like categories. Click the category that best fits to your use case to start going down the tree. And don't worry if you choose a wrong path, you can always come back!

Application Programming Interface (API)

If you are looking to create or call an API click here.

Audio Visual Services

If you need av equipment or event production services this is the branch for you.

Business Intelligence

Click here if you need technologies for the collection, integration, and analysis of business related data.


If you need a service to communicate to those on or outside of campus go down this branch.

Data Needs

If you need to integrate or analyze data click here.

Educational Tools

If you are looking for student and learning tools go down this branch.

File Storage

If you are looking for file storage this is the branch for you.


If you need to host a database, backups, or another application whether on premise or in the cloud go down this branch.

Identity and Access Management

If you need to an authentication solution or two step verification this is the branch for you.

Mobile Application

This branch is for you if you are looking to create a mobile application of any kind.


If you need networks, server certificates, or host name registration click here.


Click here for security tools and reviews.


Click here to view trainings offered by OIT as well as others.

University Information

If you would like to access or integrate with University Information click here.


Follow this branch if you are looking to build a website.